About me

Work: Customer Success / Security Consulting, Architecture and Engineering / System Integration / Data Analytics / Threat and Security Intelligence / Security Automation / (Linux/Unix-) System Administration / Python Programming / Web hosting / DNS / Mail Servers

Hobbies: IOT / Ham Radio (PD8JO) / Home Automation / Stargazing / BioHacking / Gaming (XBox & Alienware) / Self Hosting

Certified: IT Specialist in System Integration / ISC2 SSCP / TuV Certified Information Security Officer

my name is Joerg Stephan (Jörg in Germany, most Americans I tell to call me George). I am working in the IT space since late 1998 and I mainly blame my Commodore C64 and the fact that I am using Linux since around 1997/98.

Over the course of the last 24+ years I have been a system administrator, I have led a system administration team (today we would call it NOC I guess), have been a CISO for a short while and explored the IT security field becoming a Security Analyst and later Consultant and went back to engineering again but this time in Customer Success.

While being in Customer Success I am actually currently working as an Architect.

I have spoken on conference small and not so small, wrote blog posts and whitepapers the size of a small book. I am and have been a mentor and trainer to newcomers in the field and I hope I did a good job.

In the 24+ years I have been on all sites of the famous table and maybe even being under it changing cables.